Charitable Giving

The members of the Dunbar Studios Group have been actively engaged in charitable giving for more than a decade. It is our belief that giving helps to build stronger communities in different ways.

The mission of the Dunbar Studios Group is to cultivate the awareness, appreciation and advancement of the visual arts through formal and informal education and in conjunction with other artistic disciplines. We place an emphasis on causes that address children's and artist's issues that may impede their ability to create in a safe and healthy way.

Our permanent staff, interns, associates and management team works at the grassroots level to strengthen every aspect of community whether it be coordinating fundraisers or helping where it is needed with other reputable 501c3 organizations. We currently align with other reputable tax-exempt organizations whose efforts align with the mission of the Dunbar Studios Group.
Financial / Merchandise Donations:

While we know there are many deserving organizations, we are unable to honor all or even a majority of the thousands of requests we receive each year. In the past, Amanda Dunbar art donations or donation of other Dunbar Studios merchandise was decided on a case by case basis to organizations that fit within or supported the mission statements and philosophies of the Dunbar Studios Group. In January 2009, Dunbar Studios will limit its goods and services to nationally recognized tax-exempt charitable organizations. This will allow our limited resources to have a greater impact on a larger number of people. Our not-for-profit partners have the expertise and resources needed to assess and respond to local community needs. We have selected our charitable partners for this year and will not respond to new applications for contributions of funding, merchandise or volunteer services.